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    2015 Refugee appeal flyer

    Europe is experiencing the greatest movement of refugees since World War II. Hundreds of thousands of people are risking their lives to flee their homelands. Praxeis is not an aid organisation however we have one of our discipleship teams on the ground in Hungary. They have started prayer walking and ministering to the refugees. They will be taking a team to the Hungarian-Serbian border in the next month. We would love you to partner with us to raise money to provide emergency relief to the people that they are ministering to.

    So how can you give?

    You can give through a number of different means. Following the appeal, we would like to be in touch with you to let you know how the funds were used so please include your name with all gifts. Please note, unfortunately all donations are non tax deductible.

    EFT: Praxeis Ltd, BSB- 083004 ACC- 193107356. Please write “refugee” as the reference

    Credit card/Paypal: and put ‘refugees’ in the description

    Cheque: Please post cheque and your details to Praxeis, 2 Vision Drive, Burwood East, VIC 3152

    For more information please read the flyer above!





  2. “I’m not a Christian…yet”

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    “I’m not a Christian…yet”

    Some days are just hard work for me in Mount Druitt as I prayer walk some of the poorest streets in Sydney and share the gospel with many people who are sick of religion. Every Sunday, I am joined by ‘JL’ (Jackson-Leigh) who treks down from his home in the Blue Mountains to our little townhouse in Mount Druitt. JL keeps me motivated and accountable to keep abundantly sharing the gospel with my neighbours as we prayer walk together.

    One Sunday, whilst prayer walking some local shops, we walked into a guitar shop to check out some of the instruments. Before long we were talking to the owner of the shop, a small Chinese lady called Amanda (not her real name). After talking music, we started to share with Amanda that we were followers of Jesus and were visiting the shops to pray. She said “Oh I am not a Christian…yet”. We were fascinated by her comment and asked why she said “not…yet”. Amanda’s response was that her two sons are believers but not her.

    We asked to pray for her and after we prayed for her business we asked if she was interested in finding out more about Jesus for herself. She said she didn’t have a Bible in her language, so over the next couple of weeks we were able to give Amanda a Chinese/English Bible and a copy of the Jesus film in Chinese to watch at home with her mother (also not a Christian…yet).

    My wife Mindy has now connected with both Amanda and her mother in the shop and they are wanting to read the Bible going forward. Mindy has since found out that Amanda’s grandmother was a Christian. Amanda was very impacted at her grandmother’s Christian funeral.

    Its not every day I come across an ‘Amanda’ in Mount Druitt. Someone who has already had many seeds planted in their life and someone who has people around her into which the gospel can multiply. It is days like these which are extra special because I am reminded that ‘the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few’ (Luke 10:2). Being one of Jesus’ workers is often hard work, especially in your own neighbourhood. But the work (for Him) is always worth it!

    Andrew Pyman is a Praxeis leader based in West Sydney. He and his wife are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first home-made disciple (their baby) due very soon. Andrew and Mindy are passionate for Jesus during the week but on weekends Andrew is a passionate AFL Demon supporter. 

    Andrew and Mindy

  3. Caravan of courage- tour stories

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    Our last caravan of Courage tour took us through the south West of Queensland.  We travelled 3700km prayed in 20 towns ranging in size from 100 to 10,000 population and we connected through pray, sharing the gospel, and reading scripture with over 100 people.
    One of the saddest stories we came across was a family who are hand feeding 8000 sheep every second day on their property 140km south of St George.  They have had only 200ml of rain in 2 years and they are in a desperate struggle to maintain their land and their stock.  We prayed with them and especially for rain…a little over a week after that pray they received 20ml of rain, which was such a blessing.  But there is still a long way to go for them to be able to get any sort of income from their land and stock.
    One of the highlights of the trip was to spend time training up some indigenous ladies in the small community of Cunnamulla.  These ladies are passionate to see God’ kingdom grow in this outback town in southwest Queensland.  We had 5 sessions with them over a period of 10 days praying for the community, exploring what it meant to be a disciple, and commissioning them to be spiritual leaders in this town.
    We got the opportunity to go to some towns we had not being able to go to before, places like Yowah, Thargomindah and Quilpie.  As we travel around these isolated and remote towns we find many of them have less then 1% who claimed to be Christians. This must break God’s heart, and it makes us even more determined to make disciples that will multiply in these little towns.
    God has promised to us in Isaiah 43:18-25 that he is doing a new thing in these places. Out of these isolated and dry places a steam of living water will come, ‘A New army” that will build God’s Kingdom.  Church buildings are empty and lifeless, a symbol to a past long forgotten and sometimes abusive.  The warning is we must not look to the past ways to try to see where and how this future army is developed.  If we do we will be blind to the places and people God is working in.  God says even though I am doing this new thing, man does not perceive it because he is looking to the past where God was and missing the future where God has moved on too.  As our eyes are opened to this new thing we see the fields are ripe for harvest but we see the workers are few.  Please pray with us for more workers to be raised up in these dry and isolated locations.


    You can be involved in the next Caravan of Courage tour impacting Queensland! Whether it is through prayer support or even joining in for the adventure on the road, the team would love to hear from you. Feel free to email Ron and Paula to find out more on 

  4. Jess asks ‘What the heck is discipleship?!’

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    Two years ago I was listening to a new friend talk about the people she is sharing life with and how she had been opening up scripture with pre-Christians. I experienced a mixture of awe, shock, and conviction, as this thought flashed across my mind: “Who have I brought to Jesus? In my 11 years of trying to follow Jesus, who else has begun to follow Him?”. Somewhat convicted and confused I began to seek answers.

    I started to learn more from friends who are passionate disciples and disciple-makers. Suddenly, the relationships I’d read about that Jesus had formed took on new meaning. He actuall journeyed day-by-day with people! He quoted and read scripture, shared life, prayed with, and spent time with pre-Christians and his disciples. This confronted my previous views of following Jesus that consisted of attending church, volunteering in ministry, and ‘being good’. Church for me was limited to the inside of four walls of the church building.
    As two friends at uni began to tell me more stories of Aussies beginning to follow Jesus I fell more in love with Jesus and the work he was doing – creating churches in milk bars and workplaces, prayer walking, healings, and even more miracles taking place.
    As a Christian before I began learning about discipleship, sharing my faith or the bible would be absolutely off-limits and impossible. But this past year I have seen the impossible become possible with persistent prayer and being surrounded by like-minded community. I never thought I’d read the bible with a Muslim! I never thought I’d be discipling one of my closest friends either! I also never thought my friend in witchcraft would ask for prayer or be open to Jesus.
    My whole understanding of following Jesus has changed. I now “do church” with the people I am discipling that looks like reading the bible, prayer, accountability and simple worship. I meet to pray with others weekly, converse with Jesus throughout the day, and am more dependent on the Holy Spirit’s leading and daily filling.
    My prayer is that Christians will wake afresh to this command, hear it with new ears and see with new vision. We cannot be disciple-makers unless we ourselves are disciples. We must rely on Jesus daily, walk with him, and be so in love with him that it overflows to a broken world.

    Bless you as you go and make disciples!

    Jess is a twenty-three year old student of Deakin University studying primary teaching. She really likes discipleship, coffee, introvert time and eventually getting to the gym. Jess is a leader within our Melbourne Praxeis community and lives to see people come to know and accept Jesus through disciple making. To read more of Jess’ thoughts on all things faith, Jesus and disciples check out her blog at 

    Jess Nelson

  5. Melbourne Celebration Gathering

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    We would love to invite you to join us for the next Melbourne Celebration Gathering. It will be a time of worship and sharing stories of what Jesus is doing amongst our communities. Scott C will be leading us in a time reflecting on our culture and how this compares with Jesus’ Kingdom Culture. We will then have lunch together and just hang out! We would love for you to join us if you are out there making disciples or if you want to know more about making disciples!

    See the events page for more details.

  6. Melbourne Fellowship Gatherings

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    We ended our 40 day prayer and fasting with a big feast! Over 30 people joined us to celebrate what God has been doing in our midst throughout the fast. It was great fun and the food tasted amazing as well after all the juice that had been consumed over the previous 40 days. We have decided to make this a celebratory event happening every few months. While we believe and practice simple church with small gatherings we also love to celebrate what Jesus is doing with larger groups which is the purpose of these Melbourne Fellowship Gatherings. We also would love this to be a place that you can bring your friends to who might be interested in making disciples and being part of a discipling movement. We would love for you and your friends to join us so if you are interested, check the events page for more details. Our next one will be on the 1st of June so book it in your diaries! Bring a plate of food to share and any stories of what God is doing in your world and in the world of others around you. Who knows- one day we might need to book the MCG for this celebratory event!


  7. Website is refreshed!

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    Well… the big news is our website is now refreshed. Yay!

    With a mobile friendly environment… events calendar working, news items starting to flow, blogs and books on the resources page, we hope this truly will be a revolution in the world of Praxeis communication… or maybe at least a step forward.

    Nothing is perfect so we would love to hear your feedback if you hit problems or have suggestions.

  8. DBS with bibles and plays!

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    Jesus loves family and as seen in the book of Acts loves to encounter entire households. What begun with a prayer with one man soon extended to the whole family for Andrew and Brian*. Andrew Pyman met Brian whilst prayer walking Mt Druitt in the West Sydney hub late 2013. Andrew prayed for Brian and then offered to read the bible with him and his family or friends. The following week, Andrew spent time with Brian doing a simple discovery bible study (DBS). Brian loved it and knew his daughters would love to join in next time. Their next meeting now extended to include Brian, his daughters and his brother reading from a few different bibles including the children’s version! Brian’s daughters act out the bible story as they read it. Everyone then commits to obeying Jesus in one area in their life before they meet again. We never know who might want to read the bible with us if we don’t just ask!
    *name changed

  9. Backpackers, McDonalds and Germany

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    One can never know where a disciple might be found or where in the world an encounter might lead. As was the case Andrew and Mindy Pyman from the West Sydney hub discovered. While prayer walking from town to town around the edge of NSW in October 2013, they were privileged to baptise John*, a German backpacker who had recently starting attending a church in Longreach, Western QLD. The friendship with John continued and he joined Andrew and Mindy prayer walking in Western Sydney. One time, John was sharing his testimony with a group of teenage boys at a local McDonalds. He noticed that while he was speaking Nathan*, a McDonalds worker, was listening in. John offered to pray for him and Nathan said that he would appreciate it as he had been having a hard day. John and Andrew met up with Nathan after his shift, shared stories and prayed. Nathan shared that he was a Catholic and wanted to follow Jesus. Nathan now regularly joins Andrew praying walking the streets of Mt Druitt, sharing the gospel with those he meets. John has now flown back to Germany however is still in contact with Andrew & Mindy who hope to travel to Germany in the near future to continue the prayer walking friendship in his town. Sometimes it is simply about stopping to see who is listening and who might be hungry.
    *name changed

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