1. Singapore: “All-in Prayer” Quarterly Prayer Hub

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    This is an opportunity for  harvest workers from different parts of the Body of Christ carrying a vision for disciple making movements to connect and join together in prayer for the Kingdom and the harvest in Singapore. We will meet on the first Monday of every quarter from 7.30pm-9.30pm. All are welcome.
    For more details and to let us know of your interest, please contact:
  2. Melbourne- Hub Gatherings

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    As workers out in the harvest, it can be easy to feel isolated and disconnected. This is not good! We need community around us, like-minded believers encourage us and to spur one another on to run the race! It is so important to come together as part of a family who are all working for the Kingdom of Jesus.


    We also need a space for people in Melbourne to connect with Praxeis. People who might be interested in learning and engaging more with prayer or how to “do DMM”. If this is you, then come along! Join us to pray and be inspired by the stories of God moving amongst the lost and broken people of Melbourne.


    DMM is caught not taught. Bring your friends and family who are interested in knowing more about what you as a worker for the harvest is doing. Help them to catch the DNA by connecting with other like-minded followers of Jesus.


    Recognising this, we are launching the Melbourne Hub Gathering!


    We are going to gather every two months. It will be a time of coming together and re-connecting. At this stage we are meeting in the training room of Crossway Baptist Church (upstairs near the cafe). We will meet at 3pm for a coffee and afternoon tea. We might even head out for dinner afterwards!


    Put these dates in your diary:


    Sunday 22nd July
    Sunday 23rd September
    Sunday 9th December


    Love you to bring anyone along to join us. All are welcome. Let us know you are coming by shooting an email through to


  3. Singapore- New Monthly Hub Gatherings

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    God is moving. Prayer and harvest engagement is growing in different pockets of Singapore, and we are launching a monthly “Hub” gathering! 


    Who: Anyone with a desire to see Bible-based discipleship groups forming and multiplying in the harvest in Singapore.


    • To connect with co-labourers from different communities with shared vision,
    • Equipping and encouragement for the harvest, and
    • Prayer for the Kingdom and the harvest



    6.45-7.30: Makan together (optional).

    7.30-9.30: Discovery Bible Study together.Pray together.


    When: We are going to be running this on a monthly basis. The next one will be August 1st and August 29th.


    If you want to be equipped and encouraged, whilst connecting and praying with other co-labourers then please join us! For more details or to RSVP, please contact Sarah (



  4. Calling all Grey Nomads!

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    grey nomad (plural grey nomads)

    1. (Australia) A retired person who travels independently and for an extended period within their own country, particularly in a caravan or motor home.
    2. A grey nomad is someone who is 55 or older and is taking a long term camping trip around Australia. Although they may travel in lots of different kinds of rigs such as motor homes, caravans, camper trailers and tents, grey nomads can be characterised by their sense of adventure, humour and their camaraderie.”


    I had never heard of the term “grey nomads” but they have their own definition in the wikipedia dictionary so they must be an important bunch of people! Turns out there is website after website all about Grey Nomads! An Australian phenomenon for the past couple of decades.


    Love this. “A person characterised by their sense of adventure, humour and their camaraderie.” What better person could you find to be working in the Kingdom of God. You might have retired from your earthly job, but your heavenly job is just gearing up. We are calling for Grey Nomads to be praying for communities as they travel around QLD and WA. Come and be a part of a tribe that has a purpose bigger than your own individual one. If you would like hints and ideas of how to pray for the communities throughout QLD and WA, and connection with others doing the same whilst travelling, please touch base with Ron and Paula Turner based in Queensland ( or Jill Birt in Western Australia ( They are ready and waiting to hear from you.

  5. Come and join us to pray for Brisbane!

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    Do you have a heart for Brisbane? Do you want to see the Kingdom of God invade Brisbane tearing down strongholds and setting the captives free? Great! So do we! Ron and Paula Turner will be spending a week in Brisbane prayer walking and spending time with anyone who wants to know more about Disciple-making movements and how to be a part of one.

    When: Monday 25th June-Friday 1st July

    More info: If you would like to join Ron and Paula or find out more, shoot an email through to


    “Go, walk through the length and breadth of the land, for I am giving it to you”

    (Genesis 13:17)


  6. Person of Peace amongst Chaldean Iraqi people

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    Andrew and Mindy Pyman and their team are ministering in the Western Suburbs of Sydney with Praxeis. Recently the Pyman family moved into a new neighbourhood where half of the people living in their area are from a Catholic background. Being the largest Catholic community in Australia, the Pymans and the West Sydney team started to pray for these people.

    After prayer walking and gaining a better understanding of the suburb and its needs, God showed the team an access ministry of ESL (English as a Second Language) to connect with locals from the area. Meaningful and spiritual conversations started to develop with those from the ESL class at the local library. Soon Andrew found himself connecting further and starting to pray after the class with an Iraqi Catholic called Nabo. Nabo started to invite Andrew to meet and open the Bible with his extended family in different houses across the neighbourhood. It was clear that Nabo was the kind of person the team had been praying for; someone who was open to friendship, spiritually hungry for God and who shared what they were learning with others in their family and wider community.

    Today, twelve months on, Nabo has a heart to see his Catholic community become disciples of Jesus. As Andrew and the team disciple Nabo, he continues to attend his Catholic church on Sundays but only so he can find others who want to join his weekly discovery bible studies in his home. In his words, Nabo prays for and dreams of seeing an ‘Injil inteshaar’ (Gospel movement) amongst his Chaldean Iraqi people that would multiply through his one thousand odd extended family network and back into Iraq and the nations where this people group have migrated to as refugees.








    * Images are of overseas Chaldean communities.

  7. Stretched Vision: From one to the many

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    Image: Hazara Village Meeting (Nasim Fekrat;; Creative Commons)


    In the past year, I’ve become very close friends with an Afghan lady (she is from the “Hazara” people group). It has been a privilege and an honour to get to know this wonderful lady. Through our times of general conversation, there have been several opportunities to talk about faith, read some bible stories together and for me to pray for her (eg. last week when she had to have emergency surgery and I visited her in hospital). In January I was invited to one of her family gatherings at her restaurant- I shared with her and her relatives about an answer to prayer that happened on on my holidays in Fiji. My friend, *Susie, translated for her relatives and then said, “that’s a good story” (all of the Afghan people who I know totally love stories).
    I’ve been reaching out and ministering to muslim women for 4.5 years and in the past few months, I’ve felt God nudging my heart more and more about the Hazara people group- this group of people seem to be on my mind now most of the time… I may even dream about them ! 😀 I sense God stretching my vision as He says, “…you know Tanya, how you’ve advocated for individuals in the past? What about advocating for an entire people group?” and “… you know how in the past you’ve been focusing your prayers on individuals in Melbourne? What about praying for the Hazara people?”
    So, in response, I’m now praying for the Hazara people group as a whole- for workers, pray-ers, discovery groups and faith communities.

  8. 40 days of Prayer & Fasting- 1st March till April 9th for Singapore

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    Who:                An informal apostolic network representing a number of different church communities and mission organisations in Singapore


    What:               A call to prioritise prayer over these 40 days, listen to what the Father has to say concerning His Kingdom, the harvest, and harvest workers in Singapore and the region, and respond in prayer and action.


    Why:                The Lord of the harvest is at work. He is bringing His Kingdom, He is stirring the hearts of those who don’t yet know Him, and He is calling out harvest workers to make disciples of all peoples. We desperately need to align ourselves with Him, and pray and work to His agenda and His timetable.


    When:              Wednesday March 1 – Sunday April 9th



    Launch            March 1, 7:30-9:30pm, contact us for details

    Close               April 9th, contact us for details

    Weekly            Different locations and times through the week.


    We encourage you to consider facilitating prayer amongst your own community during this time. If you do, please let us know so we can tell others.

    We are happy to resource you any way we can.


    Contact:            Scott Crawley

    hp: 8250 8258



    Please click here for the flyer: 2017 Kingdom Harvest

  9. A tale of two seniors; a Paradigm Shift

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    My husband and I are in our 60s and have been part of Praxeis for a few years.

    It all began with a dream…

    “I was attending a banquet at Buckingham Palace. The setting was sumptuous, as you would expect. Just before the meal began I noticed a small door leading outside and went to investigate. It led to a dark, dirty area with cobblestones and rubbish blowing about, where two poor people were huddled over a small fire trying to cook some food for themselves. 

    I returned to the splendid banqueting room, and although none of the royal family were present, the meal started. Just before I was served I knew I had to go back outside. My friends tried to persuade me to stay but I went anyway. Outside I was surprised to see the Queen and her family had set up tables laden with food and were enjoying a meal with the poor people I had seen earlier. It was a joyful and intimate occasion, unlike the grand banquet going on inside.”

    I think what God was showing me was that within the setting of the church we have everything to enjoy. Yet the place of greatest intimacy with God is out in the dark, dirty world where people are trying to feed themselves, but can’t. That’s where His heart is, and He invites us to join Him there.

    We have spent many years looking for the fulfilment of this dream, trying to invite others into the church and being involved in church planting along more traditional lines. We love church!

    Then a group started prayer walking Melbourne’s western suburbs, and we joined in; a team went up to pray for Western Sydney and we went along. This group, now known as Praxeis, captured our hearts- we wanted to be part of it. We felt irresistibly attracted to what God was doing – sending people out into the world to make disciples among cultures and communities who would not, or should not, be squashed into our complicated western church culture. Stripping the gospel back to an obedient relationship with God which can infiltrate cultures, bring about change and lead to multiplication.

    We became more involved in praying for Praxeis but of course that led to change in us.

    We are very “churchy” – it’s been woven into our DNA for decades. At times we felt we were doing the splits trying to hang on to our well loved church culture while also becoming more committed to this new wine skin of God’s. Gently but insistently we felt God prodding us to take a step of faith, to be willing to change and adapt.

    So at the beginning of this year we stepped out of “big church”, and have been meeting each week to pray, to give thanks, to use the Discovery Bible study method to read through the book of Acts, and to start to obey what God shows us. It still sometimes feels a little crazy- but we believe it’s God. He has used this time to slowly but surely unpack the excess baggage we carry, that clouds the gospel we share with others. We trust Him and it has been a time of great intimacy with Him. We are changing and growing and learning lots. We are learning to pray. Learning how to step alongside people without judging or coming in as “experts” on faith. Learning to listen to others and how to look for a “person of peace” who will become an inside leader of their community. We have so much to learn- but suddenly the harvest field looks full of possibilities.

    Friends have asked us: “what is Praxeis? Where can we find it?” I think Jesus fielded a similar question with: “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit” (John 3:8). It’s a God- led, organic, evolving movement, continuously changing and adapting to what God is doing and saying- just like the early church in Acts. You could look for it and find it looks different in every culture. It’s the gospel as a guerilla movement, embedded and led within many different communities. God holds the master plan- all we can do is pray, obey, and trust God with the outcomes.

    Someone once said “Faith is spelled: RISK”. We want to be people willing to take this risk. It’s never too late. We long for God to use us however he can, even and especially in our senior years.


    Jill Price is the pray co-ordinator for Praxeis. Jill and her husband Dave, love to pray and have been really influential in helping us learn to pray and grow in our passion to pray. For someone reason, whenever Dave prays there always seems to be a big shout at the end of it! He blames the ‘Primitive methodist syndrome’. (Check out his book – Turning the world upside down.) 


  10. Streams of living water in the waste lands

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    Sometime ago God gave a promise to the Outback Connections team from Isaiah 43:18-19 “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

    This we believe is a call to persevere in the small and isolated towns of the far west of Queensland.  Recently a team of 21 young people went to Quilpie to do a week of activities with the primary aged kids. This town has a total population of 600.  The couple that led this team had being going for 10 years into the town with little fruit.  They had given up going two years ago which is when Ron and Paula started going into this town and praying.  After a “God’ connection between this couple and the Turners, the decision was made for them to return and for the Turners to do followup discipleship.

    During the week 34 children attend the week long activities with the Gospel being weaved throughout the activities.  At the end of the week 21 children indicated they want to explore a journey with Christ.  This is amazing! …However the reason for this is because many have gone into this town for years to lay a foundation of prayer, asking God to break through with the Kingdom of light into this wasteland.  God is now opening up the spring of living water in this tiny place and we now have the challenge and privilege of following up and discovering the households of peace in this town.

    – Ron & Paula Turner (Outback connections)

  11. Lessons on making disciples from the front line

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    Recently, Paula had being reaching out to a lady by the name of Amy*. Amy suffered from a lack of identity and and has huge addiction issues as a result. Paula felt led by God to ask Amy if she would like to do a DBS with her exploring stories that highlighted identity and purpose. Amy agreed but after a couple of weeks she was not keen to continue. Paula stepped back and continued to pray for Amy to respond to the Holy Spirit prompting. Three months on Flor, another believer in the church that meets in Blackwater, felt a strong urge to go and connect with Amy. Within a few minutes the conversation had turned to God and within an hour Amy wanted to follow Christ. Since then Paula has being meeting with Amy to do DBS on, you guessed it…identity and calling. Amy is in a battle against addiction and so Paula is also exploring scripture on spiritual warfare and resisting the devil with her.

    So what have we learnt from this:

    • Obedience to God is more important then immediate outcomes.
    • Prayer is the most effective means of connecting people to God
    • It takes a team for someone to journey towards Christ.
    • Do not use a cooker cutter approach to discipleship but instead allow the person’s circumstances and the Spirit of God to guide you as you explore scripture with them.

    – Ron & Paula Turner (Outback connections)

    *name changed

  12. Sharing life, chai and Jesus

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    We met Annette* in our local park and struck up a spiritual conversation with her and her four sons. It seemed like we kept on bumping into this Pakistani family around our neighborhood and soon we found ourselves being invited into her home for chai.

    Being a muslim family, we talked about ‘Eid’ (a Muslim holiday celebrating the story of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son) over our chai. This opened an opportunity for us to share the story of Abraham with the family and pray for God (Allah) to give us faith like Abraham in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Annette seemed rather unenthusiastic to pray together in her home. However after praying in Jesus’ name, her response was “Oh that was actually really good!”. We are hearing that God’s presence is often very strong when Muslim’s receive prayer in Jesus’ name.

    Before leaving her home, Mindy and another female friend were offered ‘henna’ art on their hands by Annette.  A sign of a friendship that we pray will turn into a long term discipleship relationship.

    A story from Andrew & Mindy Pyman our New South Wales regional leaders. I (Vicki) have spent time with Andrew and Mindy prayer walking and sowing the gospel. I loved observing Andrew and his conversations with people that he meets. He shares about Jesus in every conversation, even from the most random beginning points (a can of WD40 was one starter!). We never know where these conversations will lead to and perhaps will lead to the person having an encounter with Jesus as happened with Annette. We don’t always see the outcome of our labours and what happens when we step out in faith about our faith but be encouraged to keep doing so.

     *name changed

  13. Prayer & Praxeis- join us!

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    “We must begin to believe that God, in the mystery of prayer, has entrusted us with a force that can move the Heavenly world, and can bring its power down to earth.” Andrew Murray

    Prayer is the lifeblood and heartbeat of Praxeis. Prayer undergirds and overarches everything we do. Prayer forms the strong roots that keep us stable as individuals, as teams, and as a movement.

    In prayer we value:

    • Worship: placing God in the highest place in our lives, placing ourselves in a position of surrender and dependence on Him
    • Intimacy with God: personal encounters that increase our understanding of God, deepen our relationship with him and bring about growth, direction and transformation in our lives and relationships
    • Intercession: standing in the gap before God on behalf of people, situations and places.
    • Supplication: acknowledging our absolute dependence on God for everything we need
    • Strategic spiritual warfare: proclaiming and reclaiming the kingdom of God and pushing back the work of the enemy

    We pray as individuals; as teams, as regions, and from time to time as a whole movement.

    Each year we start off with Forty Days of Prayer & Fasting. (this year February-March 2015)

    Fasting begets prophets and strengthens strong men. Fasting makes lawgivers wise; it is the soul’s safeguard, the body’s trusted comrade, the armour of the champion, the training of the athlete.”

    — Basil, Bishop of Caesarea (AD 330–379)

    24/7 Prayer:During the last week of our time of prayer and fastingIn March/April this year (2015) we held our first six days of 24-hour prayer. Here are a few facts from this time:

    • Number of people involved: More than 60
    • Number of hours covered: 139 out of a possible 144, multiplied by number of people praying =320 hours of prayer.
    • Places people prayed: As well as in the prayer room in Burwood East, Melbourne, people joined in from: Blackwater, Queensland; Muttaburra, Queensland; Brisbane, Queensland; South Australia, Perth, Sydney, New South Wales, Seville (Spain), Budapest (Hungary), Seattle (USA), Alsager (England), Melbourne Western suburbs; various homes in Melbourne Eastern suburbs… and others who may not have formally registered as part of the 24 hour chain.
    • Blessings and breakthroughs- many!

    We welcome night owls and day-time pray-ers to join our next time of 24/7 prayer. Watch this space for more details.

    Regular Prayer Groups

    There are regular prayer groups meeting in most regions: contact the regional leader for exact dates and times. You are welcome to join us! Contact us if you would like more details.

    • Here in Melbourne (“Home base”), we meet specifically for prayer at the following times each week:

    o   Tuesday 7 am -9 am: prayer and intercession for Praxeis

    o   Wednesday 7am-8.30 am: prayer for Japan and un reached people groups

    o   Thursday 7 am – 12 md: prayer and intercession for Praxeis; prayer room open for prayer

    o   Friday 9 pm- 3 am: intercession and waiting on God

    We also have a small core group of intercessors who are able and willing to pray into and for more confidential and sensitive areas and issues.


    Prayer Walking

    Prayer walking is part of what we do- simply walking and praying in a specific area; learning about a place and people, listening to what’s on God’s heart for them and claiming the ground we tread on for God’s kingdom.

    There are many opportunities to prayer-walk around our local neighbourhood, across Australia, around the borders of Hungary and across Budapest; in Spain – and other places too. There has been prayer-walking in Japan and this year two of our workers also prayer-walked across several countries in Europe. If you would like to be part of prayer walking, please clean up your walking boots and contact us!

    Prayer needs are often communicated across the organisation via a closed Facebook page (entry by invitation only). Each Praxeis worker also sends out a regular newsletter with specific prayer needs.

    We welcome anybody interested in praying for Praxeis.Is God calling YOU to pray? Please contact our prayer coordinator, Jill Price ( for more information.

  14. “Is that how you do it? I can do that!”

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    For some the concept of discipleship and what it looks like in the harvest has been difficult to understand.  On one trip recently one of our key people was struggling with this and God gave us an amazing opportunity to demonstrate what it means to share His story.
    We were meeting to pray for the community we were in and as the three of us sat and prayed a father, his son and two young men walked towards us and started to engage in conversation.  We naturally just shared as the Spirit opened up the conversation.  Quickly the conversation went to what is a follower of Christ, which we spoke into.  We had opportunity to listen, encourage, pray and be God’s fragrance to this group.  Our key person had a real revelation of what discipleship looks like and commented “Is that how you do it? I can do that”.  Praise God for His revelation.

  15. Sevilla update and the power of prayer

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    Our work to multiply disciples in Sevilla Centre continues, at the moment mainly through our house church.  Several believers who regularly gather with us, have family members who are struggling with addictions to cocaine, and last week we had an amazing time of worship and trusting in God’s restoration power as we prayed together. This week a newer believer came along and shared with us his story of searching for and finding God. His cousin was murdered by her husband and for 9 years he hated him, and planned with other family members to kill him. Not long ago he came to the Lord and forgave him, however his family members are still battling powerful feelings of hatred and revenge.  We felt strongly led to pray that he would be a tool that God would use in his family. A few days later we spoke to him and he told us that he had called all his family together including his aunty (the mother of the cousin who was murdered) to tell them about Jesus restoring us to the Father. His aunty was open to the gospel and is reading the bible he gave her. Thank you Jesus for her response, as well as his obedience!

  16. What we are learning in Australia from Primitive Methodism – part 3

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    Shout meter


    Praxeis is a movement based in Melbourne with a vision to reach the nation of Australia. Here is the third way that we are learning from the Primitive Methodists.

    We are learning to shout

    Shouting is a biblical form of worship. Many of the psalms exhort us to shout to the Lord (e.g. Psalm 100). It is a powerful way of praying. The early Primitive Methodists often had a shout as part of their prayer meetings, which were often so noisy that they were asked if God was deaf. Here in Melbourne, we have a shout at the end of an early morning prayer meeting each Saturday. On another occasion we had a loud shout with about eighty people present. After twenty minutes of shouting, it was followed by an awesome silence.

    Shouting is simply praying out loud, where everyone prays in a loud voice together. We are learning that a shout is a valid form of prayer and worship, sadly neglected in our contemporary church.

  17. What we are learning from Primitive Methodism – part one

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    “Praxeis” is a movement based in Melbourne with a vision to reach the nation of Australia. The word “Praxeis” is the Greek word for “Acts”, as in the Acts of the Apostles.

    Australia consists of some 23 million people, of almost every nation and language group in the world. Australia is a so-called multi-cultural society, with a significant proportion of Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and many other religious groupings. It is a geographically large continent, with four time zones, and vast distances between major cities. Here is the first of four ways that we are learning from the Primitive Methodists.

    1. We are learning that prayer is “core business”
    We are learning that prayer is not an optional extra, where we ask God to bless our activity and programmes. Rather we are learning that prayer is a process of listening to God, hearing his voice, and responding in obedience to God’s word. Hugh Bourne recognised the importance of cottage prayer meetings, and he called those who prayed the “pious praying labourers“. Prayer meetings were powerful times and new converts were remarkably strong in their new found faith. We are learning that it is in prayer meetings that the “DNA” of Praxeis is transmitted.

    In much of our conventional ministry, programmes and activities lack the active presence of the Spirit of God. Passionate, persistent prevailing prayer is like putting petrol into the fuel tank. Without prayer, we are attempting to drive a car that has run out of petrol. We can go through the motions, with our feet on the pedals, and hands on the wheel, but there is no power to move the car forward.

  18. “There is no pain- like magic!”

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    For the past 2 years, I’ve felt as though God wanted me to be praying in the harvest (outside the church) for the sick and injured, in particular at my gym. So in obedience I have been trying to step out and pray for sick and injured people quite regularly. Despite praying for upwards of 50 people, I hadn’t seen God heal anyone.

    A couple of days after the Robin Williams tragedy, one of the personal trainers at my gym posted on Facebook about his own struggle with depression. So when I next saw him, I asked if I could pray for him. Then and there, I prayed a simple prayer, and left it at that. About 5 weeks later, he came up to me and said ‘that blessing you gave me must have worked! I’ve been fine since then – and I’m not even Catholic!’

    I was pretty stoked about this, so when a week later, he was complaining about a torn muscle in his foot, I offered to pray for him again. He bushed off my offer. A little later he was complaining about it again. I said ‘seriously bro, let me pray for you’. So he agreed, and I prayed. 3 days later I saw him and asked how his foot was feeling, to which he replied ‘there’s no pain – like magic!’

    Since this event, I have had 4 people from the gym come up to me and ask me to pray for them. The personal trainer and his friend could both recognise that there is power in the name of Jesus. It also helped and prompted me to share the gospel with a number of people with whom I had not yet shared! A young believer who has not been to church for a year is now keen to join me in making disciples in the gym.

    We’re so stoked with what God did, but know that this is only the beginning!

    Scott Morrison is one of our workers who feels called to live the life of Jesus in his local community areas, namely the gym! It is really exciting to see what Jesus is doing through Scott’s obedience and prayer. Scott and his gorgeous wife Sarah have now started a simple gathering in their house reaching out to this community. Looking forward to hearing more about what Scott and Sarah do with Jesus in 2015!



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