Discovery bible with non-believers

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We were asked to do a DBS with a non-believer as part of our homework for MyWorld (DMM training). I prayed that God would open up an opportunity and give me the privilege to do it. For my job, I teach ESL and throughout the term I had felt particularly drawn to three of my students, a married Chinese couple and a Vietnamese lady and had spent time praying for them. At the end of the term, the students organised a lunch to celebrate. I turned up first and then these three students arrived next and sat near to me. As we were sitting there, I overheard the students talking, “How good would our English be if we could see teacher once a week”. I responded, “Well…”. One of the students quickly replied, “Do you have an idea teacher?” So I shared, “Well, actually my husband and I love to tell people about Jesus and read the bible together”. One student, the Chinese man got very excited and said “yes, yes, we would like that teacher”. The other, a Vietnamese lady, looked a little worried and said “But I am a Buddhist”. I said, “that is ok, it doesn’t matter”. She repeated after me “ok, it doesn’t matter”. We made plans to meet at the Chinese couple’s place in St Kilda. The following week we met up and read through the story of the Prodigal Son as a DBS. They all committed to obedience steps and one in particular felt led to forgive someone who had hurt him. For homework, I asked them to share the story with someone and ask what they thought about the Father in the story. We then enthusiastically agreed to meet up again in a fortnight and do another study (July 31st). We left praising God!!! Please pray for this new small group that they would encounter Jesus as they read the bible together.

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