Divine Encounters and Divine Connections

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“Take New South Wales” spoke the Heart of God to Andrew and Mindy Pyman during the 40 days of prayer and fasting. So in response to this Andrew and Mindy and Pete and Vicki Stokes prayer walked a number of the large country towns north west of Sydney after the Easter break. Pete and Andrew were asking God to give them “a sense” of what God might have for them in one of the towns as they were prayer walking along one of the streets. Suddenly they smelt the beautiful smell of fresh leather and utterly distracted from their prayer-walking tasks they went into the shop and started talking to the owner of the shop about her work! When you ask God to give you a sense, then be open to him using your sense of smell because this was a divine encounter! When Theresa (name changed) asked what they were doing, Pete responded that they were there to pray for the town. Turns out Theresa has recently returned to Jesus and wanted to know Pete and Andrew’s testimonies. During the conversation a friend of Theresa’s came into the shop and Theresa called her over to chat to the boys. They ended up being able to pray for both women. Theresa was really keen to meet up with Andrew again and so the following day Andrew and Mindy drove back to the shop and met with Theresa again to chat further. Who knows how Jesus is going to lead us to our people of peace in a town!

Jesus is the author of relationships and divine connections. When we step out boldly doing the things of His Kingdom, he uses them to reach out to people and demonstrate His love. In Mark 16 the followers of Jesus are told that they will “place their hands on sick people, and they will get well”. At a supermarket in a country town of NSW, Pete Stokes felt led to pray for a friendly, older man whose hand was bandaged. Pete asked him what had happened to his hand and then man explained to Pete the surgery he had recently had. Pete offered to pray for healing and the man accepted. On further conversation, it turned out that the man had been a long time family friend of Vicki, Pete’s wife’s, grandmother. We are still waiting on news for the healing but in the mean time excited about the connection made and praying for Jesus to carry it further.

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