East Melbourne

This team is made up of numbers of workers, small gatherings and prayer meetings. ‘East Melbourne’ is focussed on reaching people in the harvest. Workers meet people in gyms, in their work places, through the normal relational connections of life. People from many nations and ‘white Aussies’ are finding Jesus through these relational connections, being discipled in groups, and included in Church life through simple church gatherings. East Melbourne is also a resource for the rest of the Praxies vision; sending workers, short term teams and carrying the vision in prayer. Teams are prayer walking different areas of country Victoria to initiate new works in country towns. A ministry of constant prayer is being developed for the vision of seeing a church planting movement spring up in Australia.

East Melbourne News

Stretched Vision: From one to the many

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Image: Hazara Village Meeting (Nasim Fekrat; Flickr.com; Creative Commons)   In the past year, I've become very close friends with an Afghan lady (she is from the "Hazara" people group). It has been a privilege and an honour to get to know this wonderful lady. Through our times of general conversation, there have been several opportuniti...Read More

A tale of two seniors; a Paradigm Shift

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My husband and I are in our 60s and have been part of Praxeis for a few years. It all began with a dream… “I was attending a banquet at Buckingham Palace. The setting was sumptuous, as you would expect. Just before the meal began I noticed a small door leading outside and went to investigate. It led to a dark, dirty area with cobblestones...Read More

Discovery bible with non-believers

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We were asked to do a DBS with a non-believer as part of our homework for MyWorld (DMM training). I prayed that God would open up an opportunity and give me the privilege to do it. For my job, I teach ESL and throughout the term I had felt particularly drawn to three of my students, a married Chinese couple and a Vietnamese lady and had spent time ...Read More

Training at the gym, training disciples!

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At the gym, I was chatting with a young Hindu guy. After sharing the Gospel with him, I asked if he would like to read Scripture and pray with me. He said that he would love to, so a couple of weeks later, we met up to read Genesis 1 and pray. After we had been reading for a bit his housemate, also Hindu, walked in and asked what we were doing. His...Read More

Our ability is in Jesus

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I am a support worker for people with disabilities and support various people to access the community. The past year I have been working alongside Anna* (name changed) who has a disability which affects her social skills and physical mobility. She knows of Jesus/church/nuns from movies but hasn't really known Jesus or experienced him. When she ha...Read More

“There is no pain- like magic!”

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For the past 2 years, I've felt as though God wanted me to be praying in the harvest (outside the church) for the sick and injured, in particular at my gym. So in obedience I have been trying to step out and pray for sick and injured people quite regularly. Despite praying for upwards of 50 people, I hadn't seen God heal anyone. A couple of days...Read More

“It is Jesus who heals”

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I was shopping at a local shopping centre in Melbourne and during a conversation with a shop assistant she told me that she had had a shoulder injury for 30 years which resulted chronic shoulder pain and no feeling in two of her fingers. After hearing this, I offered to pray for her and said that I had seen a couple of miracles happen. So she respo...Read More

“Watch this!”

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I was at work on a lunch break and one of the other workers was in the staffroom complaining of a really bad headache. To be honest, I didn’t really want to listen to closely as I was enjoying my lunch and just having a break. But I felt from the Holy Spirit to come out of my relaxed lunch zone and listen to Him. The Holy Spirit showed me that th...Read More

Dinners, prayers and answers

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Scott and Sarah Morrison have become friends with a Hindu couple. They had a few dinners, and many spiritual conversations with our Hindu friends. Recently we had dinner with them, and it was really quite a disappointing catch up. No matter how hard we tried, there was little-to-no depth of spiritual conversation. The only really significant part ...Read More

A Wind in the House of Islam – Garrison

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I’ve just finished David Garrison’s new book ‘A Wind in the House of Islam’. A great read! He has divided up the Muslim world into nine ‘houses’, or cultural worlds. Worlds like the Persian world, or that of West Africa. Outlining the somewhat depressing history of interactions between Christians and Muslims, he lays the groun...Read More

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