“I want to belong to you!” Finding a Person of Peace in Etes

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Etes is an ex mining village in Nograd County in Northern Hungary, where we have prayer walked several times as a team.

The first time we went to Etes, we knocked on the door of a very poor house. A gypsy man around 45 years old came out and kindly invited us into his home. When we stepped in we realised that even though it was a big house, Jeno and his 3 boys only used 1 room. This was furnished with 2 big beds, a television, a metal oven, and a small table with 2-3 chairs. He had no wood to heat the other area of their house. We could not sit down because there was no space. We stood in the middle of the room next to a bucket which caught the water from the leaking ceiling. Jeno was very apologetic about his circumstances. His voice was so sad and without hope. He told us that his wife had left him and their 3 boys, when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He shared how difficult their life was without mum and wife. He struggles to really help his children because he can’t work or do repairs on his house due to his illness. His children were sitting on the bed and kindly smiling and telling us about their studies.

After he told us about his circumstances, we shared who we were and about Jesus who actually sent us to His home. We asked him if we could pray for healing and for blessing in their life. Jeno was very open with what we were sharing. When we started to share the story of the paralytic man who was healed by Jesus, the atmosphere and Jeno’s heart was filled with hope. After when we prayed for him he said with watery eyes, “I feel better. I feel warm inside and joy. Would you like a coffee?”

We were so happy and when we left they walked us out and waved, as family do after a Sunday lunch. We knew that we would have to come back. We went back several times and every time we talked about some story from the bible and prayed for Jeno and the boys. Gabor and Zsazsa also visited them and took some wood, food and some winter shoes that had been donated.

We went back again, and this time Dave and Colleen came with us. We did not plan to visit Jeno but God did. As we were prayer walking the area Jeno walked down the street with big smiling face as he recognised us. He was excited to see us.

He said, “I wanted to call you but had no number. I wanted to tell you that i want to belong to you. How can we belong to you? The boys want to belong to you too.”

We shared how we belong to Jesus first and then through that we belong to each other. He said he wants to belong to Jesus because he believes that God is good. So right there on the street we prayed for Jeno as he accepted Jesus as God. He invited us back to visit him and read the bible. He said he will tell the boys and others who wants to read and pray together to come when we come next.

We are so excited to find a Person of Peace in Etes. He seemed like the most unlikely person, but God had prepared him to receive the gospel for his family and community.

1 Comment

  1. Dave Lawton

    Loving this story!
    How we can find ‘God prepared people’. Those already on the journey with Him.
    But more importantly, those who will multiply into their community, who will take spiritual conversations and pass them on.
    Looking forward to hearing about the discovery group being planted and then moving to Church … and then multiplying

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